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Welcome to First American General Contracting, Your trusted partner for your home remodeling and repair projects.

Full Home Remodeling and Repair

Have you been wanting to remodel your home, but are worried about the skills and the cost required? We can help! Our Remodeling Together team can assist with the design, skill training, and coaching needed to tackle your project.

Our Repair Team performs critical home repairs that impact a resident’s health and safety.


Far too many homes have kitchens that everyone in the house dreads using. Whether it’s because there’s not enough storage or room to maneuver or because the appliances and fixtures are too old and worn out, for whatever reason the kitchen has surpassed its expiration date. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem: a kitchen remodel.


It’s impossible to overstate just how much a modern, upgraded bathroom can improve your comfort. With new tiling, new fixtures, and other essential updates, you can transform your old, out-of-date bathroom into a clean, functional space for you and your family to enjoy. At First American General Contracting, we want to help you create a bathroom that meets all of your family’s needs. All of our services are fast, clean, and safe, and produce stunning results that can make your entire home seem brighter and newer.


An old and shabby-looking home can lower property values, bring down your mood, and can even make your home feel smaller and more cramped. It’s easy to breathe life back into even the oldest homes with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you need to brighten up a bedroom or give your exterior a total makeover, our experts make sure that you don’t have to lift a finger to give your home a much-needed facelift.


When you are looking for a top-class flooring service, turn to one of the best flooring companies. We have a team of specialist who ensures to provide you with the best flooring assistance for both residential and commercial purposes. Working in close relationship with our consumers, we have the expertise and the knowledge to be the best flooring contractors as our solutions are according to the specifications and quality standards.


We provides a range of custom interior and exterior painting services, allowing for a smooth, seamless experience and exceptional results in every home. Whether you’re having your two-story foyer updated or refreshing the paint in your home’s bedrooms, the First American General Contracting team approaches every painting project with an eye for detail.

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